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Millie is Sir Robert Norramby's private steam engine. She will be introduced in the 2013 special, King of the Railway.


Millie is a bubbly French engine who is owned by Sir Robert Norramby and runs on narrow gauge lines. She lives and works at Ulfstead Castle where her duties include assisting the groundskeeper and taking visitors on tours of the estate. For this, she has her own open-topped carriage.

Millie once swapped jobs with Luke. Although she struggled to adjust to start with, she ended up loving the Blue Mountain Quarry although she was pleased to return to her own job at the castle and even more pleased to have made friends with Luke.


Millie is a Decauville 0-4-0 well tank.


Millie is painted light blue with white lining and Sir Robert Norramby's crest on her cab sides.


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  • Millie is the second character to speak a different language.
  • Millie shares the same whistle sound as Lady.

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