CGI is the animation style that was used for Thomas and Friends from the thirteenth season, but Arc Productions took over in 2013 from Nitrogen Studios.

King of the RailwayEdit

King of the Railway is a special that will be released in September 2013. Jack has been confirmed to be returning and the rest of The Pack may as well. Bob Golding, Mike Grady, Miranda Raison, Jonathan Forbes and Rebecca O'Mara will join the voice cast. This will be the first special animated by Arc Productions.

Characters introduced:

Seventeenth seasonEdit

The seventeenth season is started airing in June 2013. This season is the first to use a new writing style for the series and is also the first animated by Arc Productions. Mark Moraghan takes over as narrator from Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon and Rupert Degas is no longer a member of the voice cast. This season marks the return of Kellsthorpe. Duck will also return in this season. As this season was released ahead of King of the Railway, this season marks the first appearances of Millie, Connor, Stephen, Caitlin and Sir Robert Norramby and their voice actors Miranda Raison, Jonathan Forbes, Bob Golding, Rebecca O'Mara and Mike Grady respectively.

Monster of SodorEdit

Monster of Sodor is a special slated to be released in March 2014. It will be the second special to feature animation from Arc Productions.

Eighteenth seasonEdit

The eighteenth season should air in June 2014. It will be the second season animated by Arc Productions.

Characters introduced:

Nineteenth seasonEdit

The nineteenth season may air sometime in 2015. It will be the third season animated by Arc.

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